jeudi, septembre 30, 2004


I will be performing in Cologne (31th october) for Le Pop new compilation release party. I will sing original Lou Etendue songs plus new ones plus older ones plus read poems plus let the hasard do his blow job.

jeudi, septembre 16, 2004

Lou Etendue (out 29/09/2004, Karaoke Kalk) was in my mind for 3 years. I was lucky to not be alone with the project, since Digiki joined in 2003 and helped me to shape it. And Lou-Asia was also a great and generous character. Now I want it to have its own life, like a child. This album was an amazing experience of mixing the real life with a fantasy world; we did create une geographie de l'imaginaire in which you could get easily lost. You could also find the directions by following the poetic boundaries.

I want to follow these steps in my next project, Go To Togo. In this album, what I called geographie de l'imaginaire will become real, since I plan to go to Togo in 2005, by road (Alger, Tamanrasset, Agadez, Niamey and then Lome, the capital of Togo). I don't want to continue to be influenced by the medias, I want to see by myself how the people are. Hoping to not get lost in the desert between Tamanrasset and Agadez (900 kilometers of sand).

mardi, septembre 14, 2004

LA, feb 2003
The Asia Argento night (09/11, at l'Etrange Festival) was a very long night. At 5 am, she was still answering the public questions, talking about cinema with the Jerry Springer (she compared him with) Gilles Boulenger. Asia came on stage at 1 am first. She looked very shy, in front of the 400 people, who were still there at 5 am. She sayed that Paris is giving the best response in the world to her work. She introduced her new movie and came back on stage after the screening. It was my second "The Heart is deceithful above all things" and I must say the film is excellent, even if the white-trash Asia character is not something new; but the film works very well and it is also moving.
Asia sayed that she wanted to "please" JT Leroy in this film. She endured bad moments during the shooting and had to become like Sarah. The beautiful child encouraged her when she was feeling bad: "you are a great director". The child hired her on a Bruce Willis movie as a coach, recently. Asia was choosing her words carefully on stage, correcting the translations in french. She seems to know how important the meaning of words is. She sayed "I didn't have the balls to ask any actor to play the role of Sarah". Scarlet Diva was a juvenile essay and also sort a monster with whom she's still sharing a lot. She sayed something very vague about her next project, hyper-realism and fantasy...

I gave her a copy of the Lou Etendue LP, since we don't have the CD yet. What a strange monster too. And what a nice experience to have recorded her in LA the last year, on her terrace.

lundi, septembre 13, 2004

On ne trouve pas beaucoup
De fous
Rendus fous
Par l'amour fou

Ce qui prouve
Comme dit mon pere
Qu'on ne meurt d'amour
Qu'en vers

Casey Spooner is one of the musicians in the "Serenade" art project by Joseph Whitt

dimanche, septembre 12, 2004

I don't know why when I think of you my heart splits
a powerful water spouts out of this stone
which is love became an inexhaustible source
water that I have not the right to drink
water that I can give without impoverishing myself.

samedi, septembre 11, 2004

Tonight is 09/11, la soiree du souvenir... Here is a picture from a 99 tour in America. It was taken in Austin. Matthew (Jacobson, from Le Grand Magistery) told me that sodomy was still punished in Texas, so I took his hand as the policeman came towards us.
I red the famous dialog Ion, by Plato. Where is the N? Plato is spelled Platon in french. Pluto (the planet) is spelled Pluton. Pluto, Mickey Mouse's dog remains Pluto in french. I wonder why you should respect a dog more than a planet.
Socrate talks about inspiration with a young and successful rhapsode, Ion. It's better for Plato to prove that the poet is possessed by the divine fury (poetico furore) while declaiming. The poet's only a tool in god's hands. Only the philosopher stays under control when he speaks, since he has inspiration AND technique. The poet only has inspiration... He is very stupid and ignorant.
Of course these questions about inspiration are not made for 2004. But it is still true that the rhapsode (the one who "sew" the song on) is gifted for one genre rather than for any genres. Toog, for instance, is a rhapsode who's only gifted for elegiac musique, musique de la blessure intime.

vendredi, septembre 10, 2004

jeudi, septembre 09, 2004

Toog: Are erotism and pornography enemies?
Sylvia Kristel: Not necessarily. I believe that in today X movies, there is progress towards the scenario, actors. It's less dirty or less unpleasant than before. It can thus be erotic. For example, I think of the work of Cicciolina...


mercredi, septembre 08, 2004

quiz toog

mardi, septembre 07, 2004

Toog's biography

Born in 1966, Toog endured a lonely upbringing. At the age of 10, trying to escape an alcoholic father, Toog is sexually molested by a family friend. His parents divorce. Toog lives with his subversive radical mother, and begins to dress up in women's clothing.
In 1985, he stars in a porno film. The film quickly becomes a phenomenon. It was unprecedented. The FBI later estimated that Toog Goes to Hollywood had probably grossed at least $600 million. The same year, Toog was arrested after fleeing a shooting at Club Palace in Paris, for criminal possession of a firearm. Toog was also convicted on felony narcotic possession charge, for trying to sell cocaine. He stayed in jail for three months.
In 1987, Toog beats a photographer, and he is sentenced to one year probation. In 1993, Toog allegedly stole a pair of sneakers, threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, threatened a security guard and finally ended up in a drug treatment facility.
In 2004, Toog's having an audience with the Pope. Pope advises him to continue with music career, and not switch to ministry work.

When Zak Penn showed up after Incident at Loch Ness at L'Etrange Festival, he first asked the audience "did you trust the images you saw"? Is it possible to be so naive while working as a Hollywood blockbusters screenwriter? It's impossible to decide if he was true asking this question. Incident at Loch Ness, starring Werner Herzog playing himself, is a mockumentary. A generous and hilarious mise en abime of Penn's own experience as rouage du systeme.
Zak Penn is playing his own role as the producer of a 35mm documentary about Nessie. Herzog is the director. Herzog's becoming the cameraman when the crew vanishes. Penn is betraying Herzog by shooting himself a scene in which the sonar scientist, a super hot model, has to dive into the frozen Loch Ness with a tiny american-flag bikini, to turn on the microphone. Herzog is getting angry against Penn... Herzog is also having his own crew following him and making a film about him shooting a documentary in this mockumentary.
Before the trip, during the party at Herzog's house in Wonderland Avenue (L.A.), Herzog speaks about the people who have been kidnapped and raped by aliens. He wonders why most of them are overweight american women. There is no experience like this reported in Ethiopia or Nigeria. He also speaks about "ecstatic truth", a notion which seems to be the very essence of his art: "poetic, ecstatic truth. It is mysterious and elusive, and can be reached only through fabrication and imagination and stylization."

Werner Herzog seems to have always tried to film what happens when control seems to be lost. He must have showed a lack of control where it was almost total control. A dangerous game. Then he switched on the camera and started to shoot, moments of real life happened, the actors being confused and quite lost. Then it was possible for him to make the Bacchantes dance, while becoming Dyonisos himself. His own talent as an actor (Harmony Korine's Julien Donkey Boy) is part of the process of grandeur of his Kinski movies. He was more of an actor than Kinski himself. This is why Zak Penn is totally right to make Herzog play the Kinski role in his film.

lundi, septembre 06, 2004

Personne ne remplace le nuage contre lequel s'appuie l'echelle. Se souvenir du point d'equilibre ne rien perdre de la tension de sa recherche. Rire aussi de la courbe et de l'impossible verticale de la chute.

dimanche, septembre 05, 2004

The children payed for it.

vendredi, septembre 03, 2004

Pauvres enfants

Je ne suis qu'un rouage une sorte de coude personne ne choisit pour moi je suis ici parce que je crois et j'ai raison de crier fort. Je suis victime tout voulu de l'organisation ils m'ont dit pense comme cela et c'est moi la ceinture ma propre conviction. Au milieu des enfants ils m'ont dit j'ai voulu porte une ceinture qui fait boum au milieu des enfants d'Alania c'est moi la ceinture qui parle et le souffle c'est moi qui explose.
September 1- 11: always the same have to pay for political violence and corruption.

jeudi, septembre 02, 2004

Le hasard a un bord le bord du hasard a quatre pattes je me hasarde au bord a genou sur la bordure. C'est a la fois dangereux a la fois glissant dangereux la bordure et glissante cela coupe comme une lame de rasoir. Le hasard coupe ce qui depasse de la bordure et c'est glissant. Sur la bordure au bord du hasard je me coupe en me penchant pour voir en dessous pour voir sous le hasard ce qui se passe dessous. C'est glissant je saigne comme c'est coupant sous le hasard c'est vide pas de chance rien en dessous juste quelques gouttes de mon sang qui va coulant sous la bordure.
When Kahimi Karie is far away I think of her as a child. When she's here I understand that only her voice sounds like a child. She told me that Je t'aime moi non plus was shot two times, since Gainsbourg didn't want to dub the voices. He shot one french and one english version. Kahimi watched the two versions together and wrote an article about ressemblances/dissemblances. Asia made a cover version of Je t'aime moi non plus on the Trash Palace album, a duet with Brian Molko. I will meet her on 09/11 at L'Etrange Festival. She will be given Lou Etendue, an LP about love and terrorism. A strange coincidence.

mercredi, septembre 01, 2004

I went to the exhibition of the 4 new projects for Les Halles in central Paris. I wrote a comment: dear architects, you are obsessed with gardens. But Parisians choosed to not live in the suburbs. Dear Rem Koolhaas, dear Jean Nouvel and others, please think of a water corridor instead of this obsessive green corridor. We don't live in the fields anymore, we live in a mall. We are figurants in a living museum. Hopefully, we still have a river, a real one. We need an access to the transparency of water more than artificial green corridors.

Trees or cars, not trees against cars.
"We are creatures born in the sea. Then we walked on the sand. The human race, after this long evolution walk, is still made of this ocean. And our sweat is salty." (Bjork)

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