samedi, septembre 11, 2004

I red the famous dialog Ion, by Plato. Where is the N? Plato is spelled Platon in french. Pluto (the planet) is spelled Pluton. Pluto, Mickey Mouse's dog remains Pluto in french. I wonder why you should respect a dog more than a planet.
Socrate talks about inspiration with a young and successful rhapsode, Ion. It's better for Plato to prove that the poet is possessed by the divine fury (poetico furore) while declaiming. The poet's only a tool in god's hands. Only the philosopher stays under control when he speaks, since he has inspiration AND technique. The poet only has inspiration... He is very stupid and ignorant.
Of course these questions about inspiration are not made for 2004. But it is still true that the rhapsode (the one who "sew" the song on) is gifted for one genre rather than for any genres. Toog, for instance, is a rhapsode who's only gifted for elegiac musique, musique de la blessure intime.