mardi, septembre 07, 2004

Toog's biography

Born in 1966, Toog endured a lonely upbringing. At the age of 10, trying to escape an alcoholic father, Toog is sexually molested by a family friend. His parents divorce. Toog lives with his subversive radical mother, and begins to dress up in women's clothing.
In 1985, he stars in a porno film. The film quickly becomes a phenomenon. It was unprecedented. The FBI later estimated that Toog Goes to Hollywood had probably grossed at least $600 million. The same year, Toog was arrested after fleeing a shooting at Club Palace in Paris, for criminal possession of a firearm. Toog was also convicted on felony narcotic possession charge, for trying to sell cocaine. He stayed in jail for three months.
In 1987, Toog beats a photographer, and he is sentenced to one year probation. In 1993, Toog allegedly stole a pair of sneakers, threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, threatened a security guard and finally ended up in a drug treatment facility.
In 2004, Toog's having an audience with the Pope. Pope advises him to continue with music career, and not switch to ministry work.