mardi, septembre 14, 2004

The Asia Argento night (09/11, at l'Etrange Festival) was a very long night. At 5 am, she was still answering the public questions, talking about cinema with the Jerry Springer (she compared him with) Gilles Boulenger. Asia came on stage at 1 am first. She looked very shy, in front of the 400 people, who were still there at 5 am. She sayed that Paris is giving the best response in the world to her work. She introduced her new movie and came back on stage after the screening. It was my second "The Heart is deceithful above all things" and I must say the film is excellent, even if the white-trash Asia character is not something new; but the film works very well and it is also moving.
Asia sayed that she wanted to "please" JT Leroy in this film. She endured bad moments during the shooting and had to become like Sarah. The beautiful child encouraged her when she was feeling bad: "you are a great director". The child hired her on a Bruce Willis movie as a coach, recently. Asia was choosing her words carefully on stage, correcting the translations in french. She seems to know how important the meaning of words is. She sayed "I didn't have the balls to ask any actor to play the role of Sarah". Scarlet Diva was a juvenile essay and also sort a monster with whom she's still sharing a lot. She sayed something very vague about her next project, hyper-realism and fantasy...

I gave her a copy of the Lou Etendue LP, since we don't have the CD yet. What a strange monster too. And what a nice experience to have recorded her in LA the last year, on her terrace.