jeudi, septembre 16, 2004

Lou Etendue (out 29/09/2004, Karaoke Kalk) was in my mind for 3 years. I was lucky to not be alone with the project, since Digiki joined in 2003 and helped me to shape it. And Lou-Asia was also a great and generous character. Now I want it to have its own life, like a child. This album was an amazing experience of mixing the real life with a fantasy world; we did create une geographie de l'imaginaire in which you could get easily lost. You could also find the directions by following the poetic boundaries.

I want to follow these steps in my next project, Go To Togo. In this album, what I called geographie de l'imaginaire will become real, since I plan to go to Togo in 2005, by road (Alger, Tamanrasset, Agadez, Niamey and then Lome, the capital of Togo). I don't want to continue to be influenced by the medias, I want to see by myself how the people are. Hoping to not get lost in the desert between Tamanrasset and Agadez (900 kilometers of sand).