mercredi, septembre 01, 2004

I went to the exhibition of the 4 new projects for Les Halles in central Paris. I wrote a comment: dear architects, you are obsessed with gardens. But Parisians choosed to not live in the suburbs. Dear Rem Koolhaas, dear Jean Nouvel and others, please think of a water corridor instead of this obsessive green corridor. We don't live in the fields anymore, we live in a mall. We are figurants in a living museum. Hopefully, we still have a river, a real one. We need an access to the transparency of water more than artificial green corridors.

Trees or cars, not trees against cars.
"We are creatures born in the sea. Then we walked on the sand. The human race, after this long evolution walk, is still made of this ocean. And our sweat is salty." (Bjork)