jeudi, novembre 29, 2007

"Sound" by diego gravinese

They say that global warming needs a rapid solution. I do have a rapid solution for global warming. My solution is called: global warming. It is true that our old world will become hotter in the future, already is. This is a very good news against global warming, because we won't need as much energy as we used to for heating up our appartments and offices. Less combustion, less greenhouse effect. This is why I said that global warming is probably the best way to fight global warming.

"computer heat" by diego gravinese
(These two photos are from Diego Gravinese. The first one is called 'Sound' and the second one 'Computer Heat'. Nobody is able to measure the impact of computer heat on our organism yet).

mardi, novembre 27, 2007

double function

Our friend Momus is very good at double action: checking e-mails and drying his hair has no secret for him... What kind of double action do people regularly and unintentionally do? A usual image from the sixties shows a man eating his breakfeast while reading the newspaper. To draw while talking on the phone. To play the bass on the piano with the left hand while the right one plays the melody... Double action and double function: I have a fan & clock object from the seventies at home. Which is strange: why should I need a fan when I read the time? Is time so hot??? My favorite double function objects are the ones who are used for an other purpose than the one they are supposed to. I mean, a chair which back has become a regular coat stand in the house, for instance... Take a moment and check the unintentional double function objects around you. Thanks!

lundi, novembre 19, 2007


Some people are afraid to follow the three of us and go into this house where we got married. Some say this is the house of guilt. I'm afraid they are wrong. Guilt is everywhere but in this house. Guilt is in the heart of guilt centered people, not in this house. "Guilt is not allowed" says an invisible sign. Some say this is the house of chains. I'm afraid they are wrong: for me, this is the house where my freedom starts, where my chains fall apart. Some say: this is the past house, the house of the past. I'm afraid they don't know what they say. At every instant this house is rebuilt while staying the same. This is the only house where everything is renewed at such a speed that you cannot follow its eternal, permanent rebuilding. There is nothing I know as new as this house. This is why we decided to marry there with my wife, one month ago (tomorrow).

mardi, novembre 13, 2007


There's a party in Montreal for the new moisson de livres (harvest of books) by my publisher Le Quartanier but I'm not there! So if there is someone who reads this blog in Montreal, he can go there and support the little world of poetry by getting a copy at a very low price (the cost).

Our good friend and collaborator David Fenech is having his release party tomorrow in Paris, probably during the big extended grève, a word you have to learn if you like France. Despite the cold, the zero-metro, we will try to be there with all the crew (arms, legs, hands, hat). David's new album is called Polochon battle and votre serviteur Toog quasi-improvised piano on the polochon battle song.

Also, our good friend and Cagesan's friend O.lamm, the french electronic genius, asks us to forward this message: vote for his album MONOLITH since he can get a 7000 euros price! Which is probably 7000 times what he made from his last record. Not because it's bad, it's super genius! But you know why...


jeudi, novembre 08, 2007

evian water station

I don't understand why Evian plans to open the first water station in the world in the north of Paris during the spring 2008. Nobody's ready yet: the use of this station will be very limited, the first two cars with a water engine (Nissan Celestia & Renault Eden) won't be on the car market before the summer 2009. This is a bad calendar for a revolution, a commercial suicide, like a Toog record in a way. Maybe they can open a water bar until this time... I mean, a drive-in water bar.

Back from Badalamenti's house

The happy man I was when I came back from Angelo Badalamenti's house, where I spent a few hours with the delicious master and his non moins delicious lieutenant (it was for my film about Jean-Jacques Perrey, because Andy Badale Angelo Badalamenti pseudo in the 60's and JJ are friends for 50 years and did a lot of work together, before the Perrey & Kingsley time). Then my dear friends Edwyn and his husband Edward came to pick me up; where was it exactly? I don't know... It was raining as if it was raining for ever when I got there, a deep and heavy rain that turns your clothes into sponge, in a short while. As I was travelling in a long and empty train, lost in a tunnel made of greenery that whipped the beast flank with a harsch noise, the limping employee told me that the regular flooding in this area, drowned the fish restaurant the last week... Later, over the Badalamenti studio, we were attacked by hornets in David Lynch's room. Very strange hornets that couldn't been killed, even after 50 strong slaps. Escaping from this house was a happy ending after all; this is where the smile really comes from.

mardi, novembre 06, 2007

L'égalité des signes

In the Qu'ran, there is a sincere love and devotion for signs. Signs are the signature, the handwriting of God in the world. People have to learn how to read signs, because they are a way to know God's thought. Signs don't need to be hollywoodiens: a sign can be discreet, it only requires attention. Attention to the small things, to life details. If one considers that writing is a privileged way for God to express himself (this is why the Qu'ran is sacred in Islam), one can say that typographic signs are clues. Signs are signs, au même titre que human life, nature are signs.

I'm not saying that my first poetry book is a sacred one, loin de là. But there is, in this small 36 pages livret (to be published this month) a question about signs, that you can read as a typographic, a graphic question (I will talk about it later). But also as a metaphysical question, a poetic quest, all signs being different ways to express the same truth. Which is a poetic truth here, the poem being one sign identical to the other sign, which is also a poem.

samedi, novembre 03, 2007