jeudi, novembre 08, 2007

Back from Badalamenti's house

The happy man I was when I came back from Angelo Badalamenti's house, where I spent a few hours with the delicious master and his non moins delicious lieutenant (it was for my film about Jean-Jacques Perrey, because Andy Badale Angelo Badalamenti pseudo in the 60's and JJ are friends for 50 years and did a lot of work together, before the Perrey & Kingsley time). Then my dear friends Edwyn and his husband Edward came to pick me up; where was it exactly? I don't know... It was raining as if it was raining for ever when I got there, a deep and heavy rain that turns your clothes into sponge, in a short while. As I was travelling in a long and empty train, lost in a tunnel made of greenery that whipped the beast flank with a harsch noise, the limping employee told me that the regular flooding in this area, drowned the fish restaurant the last week... Later, over the Badalamenti studio, we were attacked by hornets in David Lynch's room. Very strange hornets that couldn't been killed, even after 50 strong slaps. Escaping from this house was a happy ending after all; this is where the smile really comes from.