mardi, novembre 06, 2007

L'égalité des signes

In the Qu'ran, there is a sincere love and devotion for signs. Signs are the signature, the handwriting of God in the world. People have to learn how to read signs, because they are a way to know God's thought. Signs don't need to be hollywoodiens: a sign can be discreet, it only requires attention. Attention to the small things, to life details. If one considers that writing is a privileged way for God to express himself (this is why the Qu'ran is sacred in Islam), one can say that typographic signs are clues. Signs are signs, au même titre que human life, nature are signs.

I'm not saying that my first poetry book is a sacred one, loin de là. But there is, in this small 36 pages livret (to be published this month) a question about signs, that you can read as a typographic, a graphic question (I will talk about it later). But also as a metaphysical question, a poetic quest, all signs being different ways to express the same truth. Which is a poetic truth here, the poem being one sign identical to the other sign, which is also a poem.