lundi, novembre 19, 2007


Some people are afraid to follow the three of us and go into this house where we got married. Some say this is the house of guilt. I'm afraid they are wrong. Guilt is everywhere but in this house. Guilt is in the heart of guilt centered people, not in this house. "Guilt is not allowed" says an invisible sign. Some say this is the house of chains. I'm afraid they are wrong: for me, this is the house where my freedom starts, where my chains fall apart. Some say: this is the past house, the house of the past. I'm afraid they don't know what they say. At every instant this house is rebuilt while staying the same. This is the only house where everything is renewed at such a speed that you cannot follow its eternal, permanent rebuilding. There is nothing I know as new as this house. This is why we decided to marry there with my wife, one month ago (tomorrow).