mardi, novembre 13, 2007


There's a party in Montreal for the new moisson de livres (harvest of books) by my publisher Le Quartanier but I'm not there! So if there is someone who reads this blog in Montreal, he can go there and support the little world of poetry by getting a copy at a very low price (the cost).

Our good friend and collaborator David Fenech is having his release party tomorrow in Paris, probably during the big extended grève, a word you have to learn if you like France. Despite the cold, the zero-metro, we will try to be there with all the crew (arms, legs, hands, hat). David's new album is called Polochon battle and votre serviteur Toog quasi-improvised piano on the polochon battle song.

Also, our good friend and Cagesan's friend O.lamm, the french electronic genius, asks us to forward this message: vote for his album MONOLITH since he can get a 7000 euros price! Which is probably 7000 times what he made from his last record. Not because it's bad, it's super genius! But you know why...