mardi, novembre 27, 2007

double function

Our friend Momus is very good at double action: checking e-mails and drying his hair has no secret for him... What kind of double action do people regularly and unintentionally do? A usual image from the sixties shows a man eating his breakfeast while reading the newspaper. To draw while talking on the phone. To play the bass on the piano with the left hand while the right one plays the melody... Double action and double function: I have a fan & clock object from the seventies at home. Which is strange: why should I need a fan when I read the time? Is time so hot??? My favorite double function objects are the ones who are used for an other purpose than the one they are supposed to. I mean, a chair which back has become a regular coat stand in the house, for instance... Take a moment and check the unintentional double function objects around you. Thanks!