lundi, octobre 30, 2006

Titicut Follies ce soir à Beaubourg. je vais voir ce film.

vendredi, octobre 27, 2006


I am a big fan of Emily Haine's voice and atmosphere. She is the daughter of a francophile poet, Paul Haines. We shortly met in London when her rock band Metric was trying to get a contract, years ago. We shortly met in New York during my Le Grand Magistery years. I published some of her poetry (2002) on my poetry blog Mitsu. She is the kind of woman I want to see on a screen. In fact the band Metric was on the screen in a french movie called Clean, by Olivier Assayas. Assayas is shooting a film with Asia Argento right now; it's called: Boarding Gate... I am happy to see that Emily Haines has released an album on her own, without the glamrock varnish of Metric. Her voice is having more space in this environment, with her piano melodies. It's beautiful. And watch her very strange video too, a clin d'oeil to a film produced by Asia's father...

The photographers in Argentina are incredibly gifted.

Diego Valina

jeudi, octobre 26, 2006

- John Talaga (Fashion Flesh from the Super Madrigal Brothers), the long time Momus collaborator, proposed me after our Tonic show in may, to do a collaboration. We decided to collaborate on my Woodie Guthrie's cover. John turned Florence's voice into something very special and added some noises, resonances and effects to my own sound. The result is gorgious, it sounds like a broken american electro-folk hit. We should also work on different songs such as my cover of Green Door. On myspace soon!

- John is also part of the Cagesan album and his track opens the project. The design is almost finished, we had a serious problem with the colours after the conversion. It will be a 8 pages rolled booklet in a jewel case. There is no indication on the cover but the photo of the bird. You can check it here. The video on the website (the webmaster is our friend Montag) will be replaced by a short version of the 8 minutes video by Elisabeth Creseveur (on the CD bonus). So you should watch this stupid filmed thing I made for the website demo!

- I am currently working on a short film project with the producer Jérôme Zajdermann (Sotavento). It is called "Le piano préparé". It's, again, something about a bird but a bird in your mind (ein Vogel im Kopf). It is a story that ends in an amazing location... It's about piano, prepared piano... I will tell more when there will be more to talk about. Maybe I should not talk about it at all, it's early. But I need ears, acoustic ears.

- We wish also to gather funds for a documentary I wrote about the life of Jean-Jacques Perrey (who plays tomorrow night at BBMix, the festival launched by Marie Pierre Bonniol, also editor of Minimum Rock 'n Roll) with an other producer, Les Films d'un Jour. I met both producers through my close friend François Brunet, whose film Maël Fume was screened on Canal + the last week. It will be screened again on France 3. Original music by Toog. Tonight at BBMix: Shugo Tokumaru.

mardi, octobre 24, 2006


Il y a héroïsme quand on accepte une situation dans laquelle on se trouve. Oui!

Le monde, le réel, ce n'est pas un objet. C'est un processus. Nous rapprocher du processus qu'est le monde.

Silence: puisque tout communique déjà, pourquoi vouloir communiquer?

Le problème actuel n'est pas politique; c'est d'en finir avec la politique.

Il y a poésie dès lors que nous réalisons que nous ne possédons rien.

Ce qu'il serait merveilleux de montrer, c'est que deux personnes dont les perspectives sont radicalement distinctes peuvent travailler ensemble.

Satie est inépuisable. Comme les champignons.

Ce n'est pas nous qui célébrons, c'est ce qui advient qui est célébrant.

Un alliage peut dépasser en efficacité la somme de ses composants.

John Cage
Pour les oiseaux
entretiens avec Daniel Charles (1976)

lundi, octobre 23, 2006

Thanks, Stéphane B for this link.

mercredi, octobre 18, 2006


The french army is trying to recruit the young men who are killing time in Paris cafés. Will these future soldiers change their behaviour during a war? I don't think so; they are used to be spectators. I imagine them watching bombs falling and pretty girls running in high heels, while smoking cigarettes and drink expressos.

mardi, octobre 17, 2006

Plutôt l'érotisme que la pornographie. Plutôt l'inquiétude que l'horreur. Eros inquiet ferait un excellent film.

C'est en aimant qu'on aime. John Cage a beaucoup aimé les champignons.

and Jackospacko is great.

dimanche, octobre 15, 2006


The first album of Cagesan the bird is called "I love machine". I will soon add his link here. The last year, I was wondering why a bird couldn't be considered as an artist the same way as musicians and sound producers are. I recorded the singing of Cagesan. 15 musicians produced a track based on this 'a capella' recording. The result is great, it's a gorgeous album! The album should be available in about 3/4 weeks... Any suggestion for promoting it is welcome.

dimanche, octobre 08, 2006

villa savoyesalle de bainstoit terrassetoitpoissyprayer with sword

Poissy is 20 minutes from Paris. There you can find the extraordinary Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier. A master piece that was about to be destroyed in the 50's! It's my second visit here and it is still one of my favorite buildings. La Chapelle de Ronchamp, at the time when the outdoor bells ring, is also a fabulous building by the swiss architect. Poissy was the town where the king Louis IX (Saint Louis) was born in 1214; this is why Villa Savoye is located rue Blanche de Castille, the king's mother's name. The king Saint Louis died in 1270 in Tunis during the 8th crusade, which hopefully failed.

In the 1920's, Le Corbusier wanted to destroy 5 arrondissements of the old Paris and build what we call now 'barres', immense longitudinal buildings. His vision became a reality when France built hundred of tours & barres in the suburbs after WWII. An architectural dead end: all the world witnessed what happened in this environment in november 2005.

The spirit of Le Corbusier and Saint Louis is still alive and intersects in Poissy. When the king died, he had almost become a murderer, crossing the ocean for the last crusade. In the early XXth century, the saint of light and architectural perfection created in his mind, what later became ghettos for the same sub mediterranean victims as Saint Louis! As we say in France, "qui fait l'ange fait la bête". A vision shouldn't come to life when it concerns the others and when it's not sure that it talks god's tongue.


vendredi, octobre 06, 2006

Béatrice Dalle

I totally agree with the beautiful Béatrice Dalle, talking about Paris evolution in Libération: "Je trouve que Delanoë est en train de faire un truc terrible. Paris Plage*, la Nuit Blanche*, c'est très bien, mais, quand on voit tous ces riverains qui portent plainte parce qu'il y a des tentes de SDF* en bas de chez eux, des gens qui crèvent sous leurs yeux, c'est honteux. Ce n'est peut-être pas la responsabilité du maire de construire des logements sociaux, mais cette ville m'emmerde*. C'est une ville pour gens blindés de thunes*. Si tu es smicard*, tu dégages. Bientôt l'intérêt ici, ça va être quoi ? Une carte postale.
Mon quartier préféré, finalement, c'est la Goutte-d'Or, à Château-Rouge. Je trouve que ça ne craint pas*. Il y a des familles, des vieux rebeus*, des gosses. D'accord, il y a des lieux de deal qui sont chauds, mais c'est l'un des seuls endroits où la vie bat encore." I also like Jean-Paul Gaultier's words about Paris.

Paris Plage = Paris Beach without a beach.
Nuit blanche = nuit sans sommeil
SDF = sans domicile fixe, a politically correct word for homeless
m'emmerde = is pissing me off
blindés de thunes = full of money
smicard = the minimum salary worker
ça ne craint pas = it's not a dangerous area
rebeu = beur (arabe) in verlan = l'envers = backslang

mercredi, octobre 04, 2006

L.V. to L.A

4 new songs on the myspace link for my Goto CD/DVD project. Traffic Jam is a song that I started in 2000 and finished in 2006; Goshka is a silent song from 1998 on which we added strange harmonies with a live flute. Ebréché and Goto are brand new songs; Goto features the beautiful voice of David Fenech + mine doing some quavering MMMMM. David also recorded some electric guitar sounds...

lundi, octobre 02, 2006

deepimpactkimonolongchamp2longchampcoursepublic parislongchamp3cutie
Yesterday we went to the hippodrome de Longchamp in Paris. There was an important race: le Grand prix de l'Arc de Triomphe. 5000 japanese people (yes, 5000!) came for encouraging Deep Impact, their national hero. It was a lot of fun. I think it was also our last summer day.