jeudi, octobre 26, 2006

- John Talaga (Fashion Flesh from the Super Madrigal Brothers), the long time Momus collaborator, proposed me after our Tonic show in may, to do a collaboration. We decided to collaborate on my Woodie Guthrie's cover. John turned Florence's voice into something very special and added some noises, resonances and effects to my own sound. The result is gorgious, it sounds like a broken american electro-folk hit. We should also work on different songs such as my cover of Green Door. On myspace soon!

- John is also part of the Cagesan album and his track opens the project. The design is almost finished, we had a serious problem with the colours after the conversion. It will be a 8 pages rolled booklet in a jewel case. There is no indication on the cover but the photo of the bird. You can check it here. The video on the website (the webmaster is our friend Montag) will be replaced by a short version of the 8 minutes video by Elisabeth Creseveur (on the CD bonus). So you should watch this stupid filmed thing I made for the website demo!

- I am currently working on a short film project with the producer Jérôme Zajdermann (Sotavento). It is called "Le piano préparé". It's, again, something about a bird but a bird in your mind (ein Vogel im Kopf). It is a story that ends in an amazing location... It's about piano, prepared piano... I will tell more when there will be more to talk about. Maybe I should not talk about it at all, it's early. But I need ears, acoustic ears.

- We wish also to gather funds for a documentary I wrote about the life of Jean-Jacques Perrey (who plays tomorrow night at BBMix, the festival launched by Marie Pierre Bonniol, also editor of Minimum Rock 'n Roll) with an other producer, Les Films d'un Jour. I met both producers through my close friend François Brunet, whose film Maël Fume was screened on Canal + the last week. It will be screened again on France 3. Original music by Toog. Tonight at BBMix: Shugo Tokumaru.