samedi, janvier 28, 2006


If you have never seen what an otaku looks like, here is one. Unlike grizzlies, this otaku is wearing sunglasses in winter, since the computer screen hurts its eyes. It would love to let its beard grow, but its beard has never been completed. It didn't wash its hair, didn't comb it and wears layers of wool on a thin body, to keep it hot in the freezing Paris.

jeudi, janvier 26, 2006


Hunting for Georges Sand with my friend Kohei. His mother is about to publish a book in Japan, about this french Georges with balls. Near my house, they had a huge painting of Georges, from the XIXth century: 1800 euros. Too big, too expensive. We went to an autograph shop rue Drouot (I live in an area of precious oldies). My friend could buy an envelop with Georges's handwriting for 75 euros. A nice gift for his mom book's release... This beautiful handwriting on the top is from my great grandfather Joseph Schultz, in 1918. The man who hated the Germans, while being born German. He was on the run when he wrote this letter, with a special code for his family.

lundi, janvier 23, 2006

INA keeps the archives of the national radios and the 3 national TV channels (TF1, France 2 and FR3). I was able to watch my mom talking about her painting, back in 1985 and 1989 (her artist name is Zaé) and saw again the gallery she ran in Gueberschwir. My little brother Julien who's born blind, played his songs les rois mages and Yvette on the piano, on a children program (1983). My elder brother Philippe spoke about his work as a jeweller in 1989. Private memories crosses microcollective memory.

I eight eighties.


lundi, janvier 16, 2006


Check the other pictures of this sunny sunday in paris by clicking on this one. Please don't watch under the yellow dress, the underwear is not here, it's hanging on the string.

mardi, janvier 10, 2006


People say that Toog is loosing his virgintegrity, working now with Capitol. It's exactly the opposite! Indie record labels take you through a narrow path to a place called nowhere. They call it freedom! With Capitol, I was able to make my dream come true, without any discussion nor argument. They just said: do it and they put the money on the desk.
The result is here: my new album is called LISTEN. An amazing journey in 5 stages (and more for the advanced ones), one for every keyboard. My mom who was the first listener, said that it's suffocating and in fact, we had to call the doctor. She wasn't able to listen to it to the end, but discriminating listeners like you will understand what I wanted to say by LISTEN.

(By the way, I've just noticed that the letters of LISTEN also make SILENT!)

dimanche, janvier 08, 2006


In the excellent Harold Lloyd's film Grandma's Boy (1922), you can see the actor flirting with his fiancée. While she plays a love song (with english lyrics that I could have written: I love you/I love you/I love you/I love you) on the harmonium (a genuine puritan instrument), Harold's doing a very nasty gesture: he puts one finger in a vase and it's being stuck...

vendredi, janvier 06, 2006


Thanks to the success of Grizzly Man, the new Werner Herzog film about Tim Treadwell and the grizzlies of Alaska, the maire de Paris Bertrand Delanoë and his committee eventually choose the project which will replace the Forum des Halles (the mall near Beaubourg); it will be called: The Central Grizzly Maze (CGM). It wil be an open field with no fence at all in central Paris. People will be able to take pictures and observe the grizzlies. The bears will have their own street (grizzly road) which will lead them to the river, where they'll go fishing. I am very happy about this decision but I think that the grizzlies will dislike the pollution.

mardi, janvier 03, 2006


You're not obliged to believe what follows: here is a picture of a dead Chrismas tree near Matignon, the prime minister's office (you can see the porch on the back). Thanks to the flash light, I briefly saw a ghost trying to escape the plastic bag. It wasn't possible to see it after the photo was taken. It's sort of a spirit picture like the ones I saw in an exhibition the last year.

Who's this frightening ghost? I was thinking that this ghost is trapped in a rich family memories (7th arrondissement is a very rich area). He isn't completely dead and continues to haunt their lifes, influencing their everyday decisions in a worrying way.

The richest people are, the hardest it is for them to get rid of ghosts. Ghosts love gold. Ghosts always live in big houses, manoirs and châteaux... Check your own life and get rid of every ghost who's still hiding under your Christmas tree, even if you're not rich!