mardi, janvier 03, 2006


You're not obliged to believe what follows: here is a picture of a dead Chrismas tree near Matignon, the prime minister's office (you can see the porch on the back). Thanks to the flash light, I briefly saw a ghost trying to escape the plastic bag. It wasn't possible to see it after the photo was taken. It's sort of a spirit picture like the ones I saw in an exhibition the last year.

Who's this frightening ghost? I was thinking that this ghost is trapped in a rich family memories (7th arrondissement is a very rich area). He isn't completely dead and continues to haunt their lifes, influencing their everyday decisions in a worrying way.

The richest people are, the hardest it is for them to get rid of ghosts. Ghosts love gold. Ghosts always live in big houses, manoirs and châteaux... Check your own life and get rid of every ghost who's still hiding under your Christmas tree, even if you're not rich!