mercredi, septembre 30, 2009


lundi, septembre 28, 2009

Lynch Lafayette 1Lynch Lafayette 2Lynch Lafayette 3Lynch Lafayette 4Lynch Lafayette 5Brioches

Here are some pictures taken by night outside of the Galerie Lafayette store in Paris. David Lynch created 11 windows and here are some of them. Very good ones, with sound and animation (the dizzy legs for instance, with the cars stopping and running far below). There's also one intruder that slipped in this photos serie, a very unlynchean one, like his movie "The Straight story".

samedi, septembre 26, 2009

Momus reads excerpts of "Le Livre des Blagues" (published by La Volte on October 15th) at La Société de Curiosités, Paris, 23th 2009. A great show without music.

lundi, septembre 14, 2009

saut"Today I made it"

a poem by Gilles Weinzaepflen

Today I made it
It was no big deal
But for me it was

It was something I did
Under the stars and moon
Still asleep

The normal excellence
Of long accomplishment
In the small things

We see it as simple as
Shaving soap
Now each jump will be

A sword I'll sharpen
Today I made it

samedi, septembre 12, 2009


Very disappointed by the new Bruce La Bruce's film, Otto. A gay zombie movie with explicit scenes. Otto, the character, was the only thing we enjoyed, but we couldn't stand the Z movie style and aim and left after half an hour. I felt like La Bruce's cinema has become too cynical. All the poetry of Hustler White (1997) has been lost. He should probably stop working with the pornographic world for recovering some of his grace. Bruce La Bruce was there and introduced us to the world of Peter de Rome, who shot gay porn in the seventies as an amateur, using Super 8. Some of the "Erotic Films of Peter de Rome" were brilliant. Also, La Bruce's choice of showing a very rare film, "Lion's Love" by Agnès Varda was a special gift (1969). They had to screen Agnès Varda's own copy. In this film you could see Viva at her best. Viva: "une léthargie active et pleine d'esprit", said Florence. And a beautiful woman.

vendredi, septembre 11, 2009


We went to a new gallery called Immanence, near Montparnasse. Very close to the gallery, I made a little pilgrimage to my 1984-1986 years, when I attended the ESPI business school (real estate). It's hard to believe that the real estate world took... 5 years of my life! 2 years learning, 3 years working as a representative, in Paris and then with my father in Mulhouse.

villaThe name of the street where the school was (it's closed now, they moved somewhere else but the sign remains) has changed: "Impasse du Mont Tonnerre" has turned to "Villa du Mont Tonnerre". From "Impasse" (dead-end) to "Villa": the politically correctness of street names.

legs Here are the most beautiful legs we saw at the vernissage.

mercredi, septembre 02, 2009

fishingerMon choix à L'ETRANGE FESTIVAL(Forum des images, Paris):

MOON de Duncan Jones, 2009
Un film de sci-fi minimal par le fils du David Bowie
Sa 12 à 17H15

WE DON'T CARE ABOUT MUSIC ANYWAY de Dupire & Kuentz, 2009
8 musiciens de l'avant-garde japonaise
Me 09 à 17H30

LA GOULVE, Mario Mercier, 1972
Un film de sorcellerie rurale
Ven 11 à 22H15

Pionnier des effets spéciaux (couleur et lumière)
Ma 08 à 22 H
Je 10 à 22H

4 films de la Carte Blanche à Bruce La Bruce (HUSTLER WHITE):

Di 06 à 20H00 ou Je 11 à 21H45

+ LIONS LOVE (Agnès Varda, 1969)
Sa 05 à 21H30

MEMOIRES DU SOUS-DEVELOPPEMENT (Tomas Alea, Cuba 1968) + UN CHANT D'AMOUR (Jean Genet, 1950)
Di 06 à 16H30

Pour ceux qui n'ont pas vu:

GENERAL IDI AMIN DADA de Barbet Schroeder, 1976
Me 09 à 21H30

+ Des PINKU EIGA, films érotiques japonais des 70's assez violents
+ Une carte blanche à Norman Spinrad, auteur de SF...

mardi, septembre 01, 2009

mozambique's chinWe went to Amsterdam for the opening of "Imagining Mozambique" a travelling exhibition curated by Jaimie Kim at the Maxalot gallery. 15 illustrators and painters from all around the world were asked to produce an original painting/illustration. The prints will help to raise money for the ASEM foundation who helps the children and orphans. Florence is part of it. We spent the dinner with some of the artists, like Marcos Chin, a very nice man from NYC, who was born in Mozambique. We spent the night at a friend's house who's working at the ballet theatre and were happy to see the morning training class for the professional dancers, an amazing experience. We lost our way many times in Amsterdam, which is usual. I also missed the café de Toog.