samedi, septembre 12, 2009


Very disappointed by the new Bruce La Bruce's film, Otto. A gay zombie movie with explicit scenes. Otto, the character, was the only thing we enjoyed, but we couldn't stand the Z movie style and aim and left after half an hour. I felt like La Bruce's cinema has become too cynical. All the poetry of Hustler White (1997) has been lost. He should probably stop working with the pornographic world for recovering some of his grace. Bruce La Bruce was there and introduced us to the world of Peter de Rome, who shot gay porn in the seventies as an amateur, using Super 8. Some of the "Erotic Films of Peter de Rome" were brilliant. Also, La Bruce's choice of showing a very rare film, "Lion's Love" by Agnès Varda was a special gift (1969). They had to screen Agnès Varda's own copy. In this film you could see Viva at her best. Viva: "une léthargie active et pleine d'esprit", said Florence. And a beautiful woman.