vendredi, septembre 11, 2009


We went to a new gallery called Immanence, near Montparnasse. Very close to the gallery, I made a little pilgrimage to my 1984-1986 years, when I attended the ESPI business school (real estate). It's hard to believe that the real estate world took... 5 years of my life! 2 years learning, 3 years working as a representative, in Paris and then with my father in Mulhouse.

villaThe name of the street where the school was (it's closed now, they moved somewhere else but the sign remains) has changed: "Impasse du Mont Tonnerre" has turned to "Villa du Mont Tonnerre". From "Impasse" (dead-end) to "Villa": the politically correctness of street names.

legs Here are the most beautiful legs we saw at the vernissage.