jeudi, juin 28, 2012

This is the next film I'm working on.

lundi, juin 25, 2012

« Plause » is a piano track in which I question the doctrine of applause. The public discovers this ability for the first time and doesn't know how to use it properly, while a second crowd (smaller) applause interferes with the first one... Hum hum, how could I be more simple?

samedi, juin 23, 2012

« Audio carp » is a song for a future piano album. The idea was to make a track from the carp point of view, while approaching the hook. Inspiration comes from the many photos of giant carps on internet.

vendredi, juin 22, 2012

dimanche, juin 17, 2012

The next week I will follow and film the very long walk « Paris-Colmar », more than 430 kilometers within 3 days. It was created in 1926 and had its heure de gloire until the 1960's. The walk starts wednesday evening near Paris. There is not a lot of money for the winner, not a lot of fame. It is a very special atmosphere, especially during the nights, when the villages are asleep and the walker goes in music, followed by his crew. I'm not into sport usually, but this walk has something metaphysical to it. It's much too long to be a regular competition. I'm interested in the mental process of the walker in such a long distance. Hope to make good images and something like a film.
Agrandir le plan

vendredi, juin 15, 2012

" The State has the obligation to treat ALL it's citizens equally and fairly regardless of any individual or mass religious belief. The State must remain neutral in it's legislation as well as it's litigation. Keep in mind that as the State recognizes the rights of its same-sex citizens to marry that it in no way can force a church to go against its own doctrin and be forced to marry same-sex couples. That's what the courthouse is for. While same-sex couples CAN be denied a lavish church wedding constitutionally they CANNOT be denied the right to be married by the State itself. "

This is what Alton says and this is what I believe. What I believe is not what the Church says; they seem to make a mistake, making sacred the word « marriage » itself.

vendredi, juin 01, 2012

« Why don't you post new things, you lazy and cruel post hero? — I'm angry. — But why? — I'm waiting for reaching 100 hits before going back to blogging. — You cannot do that, you just can't! — Why? — Because the future depends on your next post. — The future of what? — Irn, Japn, Maoc, Isral, Frace, Britan, Span, and many other cuntries. — I don't believe in cuntries anymore so I do wait. »