mardi, septembre 23, 2008


I'm very proud to announce the screening of my first movie "Prelude au sommeil" during the LUFF Festival. I'll be there in Lausanne on saturday 18th (18:15) and sunday 19th (16:30) october (cinéma Le Romandie) and will introduce the film. On saturday, the screening will be followed by a Jean-Jacques Perrey/David Chazam show.

If you would like to listen to my 2 weekly songs on France Culture (Zone de libre échange) live, it's around 3PM15 & 4PM30 (Paris). Saturday is about feminism; I will make a cover of Julio Iglesias and sing "Nous les femmes" instead of "Vous les femmes". Also, there will be a new song called "La beauté des femmes", in which a mad scientist tries to find a mathematical formula that would explain the division of woman beauty. I will dedicate the song to a beautiful feminist person, Delphine Seyrig.

CD 45 Promocopy Kopie

Karaoke Kalk released my album Lou étendue in 2004 (Lou étendue means Poèmes à Lou extended, with Asia Argento being Lou). Karaoke Kalk compilation KALK SEEDS 2 will be released in a few weeks. My song "L'Esprit de l'Inventeur" is N°14, right before the fabulous Hauschka. It's possible to listen to all tracks in the whole on the Karaoke Kalk website. I recorded Michel Gondry on this track, when he talks about his grand father Constant Martin, inventor of the electronic bells and the Clavioline. KALK SEEDS 1 was fabulous. Karaoke Kalk & his owner Thorsten Lütz are truly one of the last combattants du monde libre. So please, order KALK SEEDS 2 if you like Toog. Thanks!

jeudi, septembre 18, 2008

mercredi, septembre 17, 2008


I love this photo, it was on an ukrainian goth site. If this is goth art, I'm your fan.

dimanche, septembre 14, 2008

You can listen to my weekly songs during the last Zone de libre échange program here. Or you can check the archives page:

Samedi 14 septembre 2008

original song after 11 mn ( Rio Gringo)
cover after 1h34mn (Georges Moustaki Sans la nommer)

Samedi 6 septembre
"Le journalisme sportif"

original song after 15mn30 (FC Pougues les eaux)
cover after 1h35mn (Je te survivrai turned into Dans le regard d'un chat)

Samedi 30 août 2008
"La Bande Dessinée"

original song after 1h00mn (La bulle éclate)
cover after 1h32mn (Comic strip turned into Cosmic trip Malawi)

jeudi, septembre 11, 2008

Depeche Mode video "Enjoy the silence" was shot by the french director Mathias Ledoux (†2005) for the french television A2. It was broadcasted on 03/24/1990.

"Words like violence
Break the silence
Come crashing in
Into my little world..."

Depeche Mode were prophetic as I was postphetic with my Lou étendue album.

mercredi, septembre 03, 2008

On saturday, I will make a cover of the song "je te survivrai" on France Culture (around 3pm15). The singer Jean-Pierre François was a fooballer (AS Saint Etienne and FC Bâle) before turning a singer; our weekly theme is about sport magazines and especially, football magazines.