mardi, septembre 23, 2008


I'm very proud to announce the screening of my first movie "Prelude au sommeil" during the LUFF Festival. I'll be there in Lausanne on saturday 18th (18:15) and sunday 19th (16:30) october (cinéma Le Romandie) and will introduce the film. On saturday, the screening will be followed by a Jean-Jacques Perrey/David Chazam show.

If you would like to listen to my 2 weekly songs on France Culture (Zone de libre échange) live, it's around 3PM15 & 4PM30 (Paris). Saturday is about feminism; I will make a cover of Julio Iglesias and sing "Nous les femmes" instead of "Vous les femmes". Also, there will be a new song called "La beauté des femmes", in which a mad scientist tries to find a mathematical formula that would explain the division of woman beauty. I will dedicate the song to a beautiful feminist person, Delphine Seyrig.

CD 45 Promocopy Kopie

Karaoke Kalk released my album Lou étendue in 2004 (Lou étendue means Poèmes à Lou extended, with Asia Argento being Lou). Karaoke Kalk compilation KALK SEEDS 2 will be released in a few weeks. My song "L'Esprit de l'Inventeur" is N°14, right before the fabulous Hauschka. It's possible to listen to all tracks in the whole on the Karaoke Kalk website. I recorded Michel Gondry on this track, when he talks about his grand father Constant Martin, inventor of the electronic bells and the Clavioline. KALK SEEDS 1 was fabulous. Karaoke Kalk & his owner Thorsten Lütz are truly one of the last combattants du monde libre. So please, order KALK SEEDS 2 if you like Toog. Thanks!