jeudi, juillet 31, 2008

Gainsbourg house 1

It's been 17 years that Serge Gainsbourg house is closed. Years ago, it was said that the house could become a Serge Gainsbourg museum. I was surprised to see the opening of the door, yesterday, and a young man wearing a Serge Gainsbourg blue jean shirt came out and walked away... What's going on, 5 bis rue de Verneuil?

Gainsbourg house 2

If andandonned houses and cities interest you, you should go visit Hashima island in Japan in the meantime.

mercredi, juillet 30, 2008


Jardin des Tuileries, today.

lundi, juillet 28, 2008


This man was running on a bridge, but pas n'importe quel bridge: the initial scene of the last Tango in Paris bridge, near l'ile aux Cygnes. L'île aux cygnes is one of my favorite place in Paris, in the late afternoon. Few people, the grass grows wild, it's narrow, old women play crosswords on a bench. Right now we just had a tropical rain; tropical like the magnificent Short Film About The Indio National by Raya Martin, heavy like history...

dimanche, juillet 20, 2008

rue louis braille

Paris, rue Louis Braille (12th arrondissement).

lundi, juillet 14, 2008


This is how the DVD sleeve will look like, thanks to Florence Manlik. It should be available in september. Jean-Jacques and his manager love the film... Me too, especially the beehive scene and Angelo Badalamenti playing the piano in his house. There will be a version with english subtitles by Noura Wedell.

Prélude au sommeil (= prelude to sleep) was a 1958 electronic album against insomnia, composed by Jean-Jacques with Georges Jenny's Ondioline, upon the suggestion of Charles Trenet.

samedi, juillet 12, 2008


Once you get to have an audience as an artist, the world from which you come and that has marked your psyche has already passed away. This is a very big problem for slow artists like me, because it takes so much time to find your way, it takes so much time to reach your goals. Once you're able to reach your goals, your imaginary landscape is already out-of-date. This is an important challenge for me, in poetry, music and film: how to express the today world with a psyche shaped decades ago? How to reactualize your own psyche without borrowing the youth discoveries?

mercredi, juillet 09, 2008

Toog @ Waterloo

This daguerreotype is the official Toog promo picture for the forthcoming compilation KALK SEEDS 2 on Karaoke Kalk, my record label in Germany.

vendredi, juillet 04, 2008

One of my favorite website is the official Beethoven website. All Beethoven's music is available through midi files, so you can listen to all symphonies, sonates, concertos, everything from Ludwig Van played on cheap electronic synths. I can't listen to classical music but this way, it's becoming possible. I can imagine going to a classical midi file music concert. When will it be possible?

mardi, juillet 01, 2008


It's been four years that no Toog album has been released. The reason is simple: Toog has caused many bankrupties in the past and is knowned for the huge amount of money he's asking for his so-called "recording costs" as everybody knows that his music is recorded on a bad telephone. He's also responsible of 23 suicides in the music industry caused by his dull sales.

Regarding concerts, Toog has become a virgin again and he is scared to show the public how incompetent he really is: unable to play any instrument live, to gather a live band, to move comfortably on stage, to say interesting things to the public. It's like putting a donkey with a horn on stage. His music has become so dark and so slow that he wonders how to not make the public and himself fall asleep, in a time when everybody wants to be happy and party and dance and laugh...
So it's a little miracle to know that the german label Karaoke Kalk will release in febuary or march 2009 a new Toog album called Goto, which is an anagram of Gilles. There's also a strange movie called Goto that will be released together with the album but we don't know yet if it will be a separate object. One song of this Goto album called "L'esprit de l'inventeur" will be released on Kalk Seeds 2, a Karaoke Kalk compilation available in september 2008.