mardi, juillet 01, 2008


It's been four years that no Toog album has been released. The reason is simple: Toog has caused many bankrupties in the past and is knowned for the huge amount of money he's asking for his so-called "recording costs" as everybody knows that his music is recorded on a bad telephone. He's also responsible of 23 suicides in the music industry caused by his dull sales.

Regarding concerts, Toog has become a virgin again and he is scared to show the public how incompetent he really is: unable to play any instrument live, to gather a live band, to move comfortably on stage, to say interesting things to the public. It's like putting a donkey with a horn on stage. His music has become so dark and so slow that he wonders how to not make the public and himself fall asleep, in a time when everybody wants to be happy and party and dance and laugh...
So it's a little miracle to know that the german label Karaoke Kalk will release in febuary or march 2009 a new Toog album called Goto, which is an anagram of Gilles. There's also a strange movie called Goto that will be released together with the album but we don't know yet if it will be a separate object. One song of this Goto album called "L'esprit de l'inventeur" will be released on Kalk Seeds 2, a Karaoke Kalk compilation available in september 2008.