samedi, mai 20, 2006

The New York show at Tonic tonight is very early because they have an other show later the same night. I will reach the stage around 8pm then Fashion Flesh for a short solo set and then he will be joined by Momus...

jeudi, mai 18, 2006


It's easy to recognize your red baggage at the airport: just add some big black spots as Florence did. On saturday, Toog on stage at Tonic for 45 minutes (New York) at the Momus/Fashion Flesh show, for a ghost appearance.

vendredi, mai 12, 2006


Yesterday night after the David Fenech show at the very nice Kitch'up club in Pigalle, we went to the Zombie show at Paris Paris. This small club is about the same size as Le Baron. The smaller, the trendiest. Bravo David for all the incredible sounds, music and atmosphere! Une chouette soirée, an owl evening.

mercredi, mai 10, 2006


A short poem called "petite course" about someone who's going out for buying cigarettes. The other waits for him to come back for more than 20 years...

petite course à faire
je reviens tout de suite
20 ans que je l'attends

petite course tu parles
grosse commission oui
trop chargée pour revenir

jeudi, mai 04, 2006

la cueillette

I am sure that you would prefer to see a video of this charming mademoiselle, picking raspberries in Normandy (it is an old french tradition to gather raspberries in the nude, since it is said that the berries keep their arom and last longer). Sorry for that! I added a video by myself here. It's for a future MC Cat Genius and Tape Store show. Cat Genius asked me to do this because I won't be playing a show with him and Tape Store in Columbia (MO), as it was initially planned. My presence will be replaced by this video. I talk about the cat flu and the danger of keeping cats at home while the cat flu spreads. I speak with a strong french accent... The music that plays is my favorite tune, the Pinocchio soundtrack (Fiorenzo Carpi, 1972).

(You have to create a myspace account first to be able to watch it.)

mardi, mai 02, 2006


Hopefully we were not late to see Badlands by Terence Malick (1973). For me, this kind of movie makes cinema exist. This one is not an other movie; it has something to do with art, the art I prefer, the necessary art. Many of the necessary films I like have something to do with the road, as if travelling was necessary (necesse est). Even if it's from a pool to an other pool (The Swimmer by Jack Perry). I remember having seen Stranger than paradise by Jarmush in 1984, with fellows from the commercial school; they insulted me after the movie. For me, Jarmush was a miracle in the grey 1984 world. Badlands is from the same vein. Both films were screened in the same cinema, "Le Quartier Latin" rue Champollion. After the film we walked in the street; I was absorbed, ruminating the giant Malick's movie. Suddenly I raised my eyes and saw an old marble sign on a house: this was the house where Champollion discovered the secret of the hieroglyphs. It's incredible to have made such a discovery in such an old Paris house, so far from Egypt, so far from South Dakota... In the song Alabama Gay that I wrote for Joseph Whitt's video project, I quote the Badlands, thanks to the english assistance of my co-auteur Noura Wedell.