jeudi, mai 04, 2006

la cueillette

I am sure that you would prefer to see a video of this charming mademoiselle, picking raspberries in Normandy (it is an old french tradition to gather raspberries in the nude, since it is said that the berries keep their arom and last longer). Sorry for that! I added a video by myself here. It's for a future MC Cat Genius and Tape Store show. Cat Genius asked me to do this because I won't be playing a show with him and Tape Store in Columbia (MO), as it was initially planned. My presence will be replaced by this video. I talk about the cat flu and the danger of keeping cats at home while the cat flu spreads. I speak with a strong french accent... The music that plays is my favorite tune, the Pinocchio soundtrack (Fiorenzo Carpi, 1972).

(You have to create a myspace account first to be able to watch it.)