vendredi, décembre 30, 2005

bonne annee 1904

France “recognises its debt to the women and men who participated in the work carried out by France in all the territories formerly under French sovereignty”, according a law adopted by the French parliament on 23 February 2005.

This 1904 photo (found by Georges Hassoméris somewhere, probably in a landing gear) has been remixed by Dominique Rivière and here is the result. It's a brilliant Banania style remix.


Toog and his good friend the Cheval Hippie whish you all a very happy new year 2006!


jeudi, décembre 22, 2005


L'ÉGALITE DES SIGNES is a small accordion book by Gilles Weinzaepflen (my real name). L'égalité des signes is the first issue of Hommage de l'auteur absent de Paris, a periodic poetry cahier published by Principauté des magiciens de l'Insécurité, 36 rue Broca, 75005 Paris. It's a very nice and delicate object; the price is 15 euros.

These poems, written between 1994 and 1998, follow a constraint: every verse of each poem shares the same amount of signs than the first verse. The final version of l'égalité des signes is longer than this version, which is the publisher's choice.

Guillaume Apollinaire vous souhaite une bonne année 2006.

mardi, décembre 20, 2005


It's the end of the year. Time to take a rest. Share your sleep with people who can't find sleep! CALL 0820007256 NOW! (Share your sleep with others is a nonprofit charitable organization).

What follows has nothing to do with sleep. In fact, it does: it's boring like history... Reading the excellent book called Les croisades vues par les Arabes by Amin Malouf, I went to think that Ousama Ben Laden and Al Qaida find an historical justification in the person of Hassan Sabbah (1034-1124) and the Haschischins sect (assassins in french) that he founded in the XIth century. A sect based on terrorism and kamikaze solo actions... After a short research on internet, OBL himself confirms this impression: Hassan Sabbah, also called 'Le Vieux de la montagne' ('the Old man of the Mountain') was a model for Oussama and the Haschischins actions for Al Qaida style.

Since my own turnip sect against bad movies didn't work very well, I propose to launch an other sect/organization based on this: you just take a nap in a public place. This solo action will mean nothing to the passersby, but a lot to the states: mind your own dreams and nightmares (as we have seen after Katrina or the french riots) and slow down.


samedi, décembre 17, 2005


Right after 09/11, Mathew Jacobson from our label Le Grand Magistery moved from New York City to a far suburb near Nelson, in the Slocan valley (British Columbia). The true truth is here: it had nothing to do with 09/11. The reason was that new York is a city full of temptations. I think that after having lived amongst cougars and grizzlies, the mind reader and magician Mathew recovered. He is now searching for contributors for an Alphabet compilation, a very nice project.

Le Grand Magistery is in the process of compiling songs for a compilation album, the title of which has not yet been decided.


There will be 1 song each by 26 artists. The song you do must be about a letter of the alphabet AND the letter you sing about must be the first letter of your band's name (or your name if you are a solo artist). I don't believe an album exactly like this has ever been made, though I could be mistaken, and then again, what album is exactly like another anyway... Plans currently exist to sell this compilation exclusively via digital download (ie: iTunes), like the just released "A Very Magistery Christmas," though there is always the possibility that this will see the light of day on CD and/or vinyl, etc. No money is available from the label for recording. If your song is selected for inclusion we'll have a contract that will specify payment terms (ie: you'll recieve half of the money that LGM receives for sales of your song via iTunes and any other digital download sites). I can't wait to hear the finished album! Please get in touch if you have any questions and also feel free to pass this e-mail along, especially if you have any friends in bands that start with Q, X, and Z!

Best wishes as always,

Le Grand Magistery


Since my actual life is nothing but jumping from one keyboard to another keyboard, since Momus came to visit us today, I will post some ancient paper photos I took during the tour period of my life (1997-2002). Here is the first one; I guess it was in Porland, Oregon. The bar tender forgot to put my artist name on the sign outside. I was very upset and I asked him to do it NOW (with Jack Bauer's voice in my voice), one hour before the show.

lundi, décembre 12, 2005


I have decided to start a new career as a terrorist. So here is my first action. Sorry, the pictures are dark, it's because I am not used to terrorism, I was feeling scared and confused and did my action late at night, on sunday. This action is related to the DVD rental machines, which are full of lousy films, what we call 'navet' (turnip) in french. I have lost a lot of time and money watching these navets, because you're never sure it's a real navet after 5 minutes.
If you want to become a terrorist yourself, please follow these instructions: buy some navets (it's cheap right now, it's a winter vegetable; if you're not in France, please do choose the correct vegetable/fruit) and put it on the DVD rental machine board. Take a picture of it and send it to me. I will post it on this blog. This is how we will launch terror against the bad quality of films. Maybe there will be a cultural revolution soon, who knows.

dimanche, décembre 11, 2005


Flowers and bubbles trapped under the ice, today, jardin du Luxembourg.

I have decided that it's also the direction I'll be following as a musician now: music that sounds like bubbles trapped under the ice.

samedi, décembre 10, 2005

Closer to you, Georges

Riots Trios Rotis Sorti etc For me it's all about Dada, an a-political response to the absurdism.


Je reconnais qu'il est extrêmement difficile de trouver de jolies photos de filles nues sur internet. La plupart du temps elles sont en train de se masser avec des objets dont la forme évoque un sexe masculin érigé. Elles se massent parfois simultanément les deux orifices sous le regard d'une caméra ou d'un appareil photo. Parfois aussi elles sourient. Cependant je dois dire qu'il ne s'agit pas d'authentiques photographies de filles nues, il s'agit de photographies ou de films quicktime dans lesquels les filles nues offrent le spectacle de leur plaisir à un voyeur mâle anonyme supposé se masturber. On trouve de moins en moins de photographies de filles nues juste nues. Comme si nu ne suffisait pas, il faut toujours que nu soit associé à jouissance sexuelle. Il paraît que sur l'île du Levant les anciens nudistes sont tombés dans la partouze. Là encore, comme si nu ne suffisait plus, comme si nu devait obligatoirement passer par la case jouissance physique. On ne trouve plus de photographies de filles nues sur internet à moins de choisir celles qui sont prises avant que la jeune fille ne s'introduise quelque chose dans l'un de ses orifices ou bien qu'elle subisse les assauts sexuels d'un d'une ou de plusieurs partenaires. Il faut donc agir vite si l'on veut saisir la nudité avant qu'elle ne sombre dans la pornographie, car ne l'oublions pas la jeune fille est payée non pour être nue mais pour jouir filmée. Jouir filmée est payé tandis que la nudité reste commercialement pure.

mercredi, décembre 07, 2005


Cherifa's voice is haunted.
Blessed are the ghosts she's hosting.

mardi, décembre 06, 2005


One another incredibly sexy picture I took in Clamart (south of Paris). It's a very bad idea to hang the clean sheets on a rusty balustrade, since the clean and the rusty don't fit together. My advice is to hang the sheets on a clean string outside, in a field full of cows, sheeps, wind and bulls. Or to hang the sheets on the rusty balustrade without cleaning them at all. But why hanging dirty sheets outside? This is an interesting question I often ask myself.

Yesterday evening I went to the Spam Club in Pigalle for their weekly Sex Spam night. They had this wonderful band called Little Pussies and Small Tits who played their last album, called What did the dildo say?. It's very rock'n roll and fun. They are my favorite band right now. Here is the tracklist:

Little Pussies & Small Tits

1. Playing with huge dildos
2. Extra service
2. Mature in stockings
3. Black guy hits his girl’s pussy the hard way
4. Blonde riding on man
5. Teens posing in pantyhose
6. College orgy at a local poolhouse
7. Kinky lady in high boots
8. Mom is not afraid to experiment with her son
9. Three guys sharing a fat housewife
10. Amateur Babe Use Vibrator In Bathtub
11. Teen shows real titanic titties
12. Drunken college sluts gangbanging at local pool tennis