mardi, août 31, 2004

The aero-club near Uzes (Gard), one week ago. I entered the house near the yellow car and saw two firemen asleep on a ruined leather sofa, near a very long bar. I asked them if they knew that Gainsbourg shot Je t'aime moi non plus in the place. They sayed no and went back into siesta.

lundi, août 30, 2004

"Eureka" is a movie by Aoyama Shinji (2000). 3 hours and 37 minutes long. Not only a movie but also an exceptional cinema experience about length. He succeded in releasing a very long movie without stretching the takes and without boring the spectator a single second.

dimanche, août 29, 2004

- Qui t'a fait bobo, Silvio?
- C'est Tony!
- Eh bien Tony sera puni. Tony, viens ici tout de suite!
- Qu'est-ce qu'il y a?
- Tu as fait mal au genou de ton frere
- C'est pas de ma faute. Il est nul au foot!
- Silvio, retourne jouer avec tes legos. Le foot est un jeu trop violent pour toi.
- J'aime plus jouer avec les legos, c'est pour les bebes.
- Alors tu n'as qu'a jouer au Monopoly avec Tony.
- Tony est nul au Monopoly.
- Alors vous n'avez qu'a jouer a la guerre ensemble! La guerre, c'est quand meme moins dangereux que le foot.

samedi, août 28, 2004

nin's house in louveciennes
I started to be in a pre- Lou Etendue mood in the year 2000 after having red Henry Miller and after having followed his steps in Paris, from Clichy to Louveciennes...

vendredi, août 27, 2004

There will be an Asia Argento night at L'Etrange Festival in Paris. What a strange night: 09/11. She will play her two first movies, plus a Werner Herzog and one Dennis Hopper.

Here is the first chronique about "low etendue" (sic) in the next De-Bug (Germany).

Toog - Low Etendue (Karaoke Kalk)

Schon wieder ein neuer auf Karaoke Kalk. Und er passt auch perfekt in den Sound, der immer dieses leicht spielerische hat, gerne mal melancholisch ist,aber immer auch mit einem Augenzwinkern. Einfachste Beatboxpattern, Piano und Musik die schon mal so klingen kann als ware sie einem kleinen Kammerorchester entsprungen. Dazu ab und an Gesang, Gedichte auf franz?sisch, knisternde Sounds, Bleeps und jede Menge Echoeffekte (nein, kein Dub). Und wenn es sein muss kann Toog schon mal wie auf "Terroriste" die Gitarrensamples rocken lassen, kommt aber sofort wieder zuruck zu Musik die eher fur die Backalleys des alten Europa konzipiert ist.

And here is something about Digiki on

Asia presta la sua voce alle canzoni composte da Toog e prodotte dal giovanissimo Digiki, sound artist francese che in questo album riesce a confondere il limite tra musica pop e sperimentazione.

jeudi, août 26, 2004

There's no toro-piscine competition during the olympic games. Why? Probably because a referee is not prepared to put a gold medal around a toro's neck.

lundi, août 16, 2004

i couldn't read italo svevo's la coscienza di zeno to the end but i will try again i couldn't read the demon by hubert selby jr to the end i won't try i couldn't read the poet jean-pierre verheggen on n'est pas serieux quand on a 117 ans to the end i won't try again i could read the poet guillevic posssibles futurs to the end i wish i will be able to read my own book to the end and find hidden chapters as you find sometimes hidden tracks on a cd.

vendredi, août 13, 2004


my father is having his right leg cut this morning. i am writing music for the styx novel, a 2mn30 glitch essay, it's a scene in which the hero is having a bad smoke experience in marocco.

jeudi, août 12, 2004

Questions with no answer:

MODEL RAILROAD is a train station part of a giant model railroad?
DOG HOUSE is a house designed after a dog house?
ELECTRIC BED is an electric bed as dangerous as an electric chair?

Felix Da Kubin
this morning sent easy toog for beginners to 9 french speaking african radios thanks to an export office called francodiff (togo, burkina faso, mali, senegal, cameroun, gabon, niger...). they already play some songs on RFI, an international french radio who did a toog interview the last year.

yesterday evening with digiki listening to music till 1am before his departure emmanuel marre was there he did interviews of people who suffer from addiction (alcohol, drug, porn). i asked him what's the movie he couldn't live without filming it he sayed a scene in which a grandma's in a hospital and a kid plays with the button and makes the bed rise and fall.

never wrote a playlist before, here are some songs/album i love.

nerd chariot of fire
goblin suspiria
o. lamm hello spiral
hypo random veneziano
the magnetic fields i wish i had an evil twin
ing au-dessus de la grande ville
ing champignons magiques
momus and anne laplantine summerisle
chloe delaume and dorine muraille (france culture musical piece)

mercredi, août 11, 2004

Karaoke Kalk (09/2004)

Karaoke Kalk (09/2004)

retrospective of Derek Jarman (1/14 september) and underground cinematographers and musikanters

mardi, août 10, 2004

formule magique
Comme blogspot n'accepte pas les accents si je veux ajouter un texte dans ma propre langue je dois faire en sorte qu'il n'y ait pas d'accent. Cela rappelle un travail autrement plus complexe celui de GEORGES PEREC dans son livre LA DISPARITION. C'est un livre sans E ce qui prouve que l'on peut composer tout un roman sans utiliser la lettre la plus indispensable de notre langue. Donc cela ne me semble pas difficile de ne pas mettre d'accents. Qu'est-ce que c'est un accent si on le compare avec un E? C'est impossible de vivre sans E. Pourtant lui l'auteur PEREC l'a fait.

Aujoud'hui nous avons vu l'exposition COUTURIER rue de Richelieu. De belles photos de chantiers prises dans le monde entier, Moscou, San Diego, Seoul, la Chine. Des photos d'immeubles surtout mais aussi des lotissements (Tijuana, San Diego). Des maisons individuelles. Au-dessous dans la crypte de la BNF une exposition de vieux manuscrits coptes. Il y avait un parchemin en forme de poignard qui contenait des dessins et des formules d'invocations magiques afin de semer la discorde entre un homme et une femme.

C'est magnifique l'histoire des coptes. Je sais que c'est un groupe religieux qui vit sous une menace permanente. Ils sont peu nombreux et le climat international est assez tendu (merci Georges). On dit que les coptes sont issus de la venue de Saint Marc en Egypte. Leurs retraites monastiques existent depuis 2000 ans le long du Nil. Ils ont une culture exceptionnelle et tellement ancienne il faut sauver les COPTES.

Flowers for a dead man
Alberta's elder brother died a few minutes after having eaten the raw hare.

mardi, août 03, 2004

the raw hare
One of Alberta's cousins went hunting in "la garrigue" (the bush in Provence) and killed a hare within a few hours. Alberta's mom refused to prepar the meal since the hare was dead and the rabbit, still alive, had vanished. She was disgusted by the bullets on the table; she sayed that the shot spoils the taste and the hare's flesh has become unhealthy. We had to eat the hare raw and Alberta choked while swallowing fur.

lundi, août 02, 2004

Dinner at Alberta's Posted by Hello
I was very excited the first time Alberta brought me back to her home. She was smelling of lavender. I asked her to not take the blade with (it was a dangerous tool between lovers) and to let it in the barn. I was surprised and quite disappointed when I found out that she wasn't living alone. She was sharing a two bedroom appartment with about 10 brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, Alberta's parents were also having relatives at home for holidays. During the dinner, Alberta's mother came with a living rabbit on a plate, the animal was surrounded by onions, tomatoes, herbes de Provence. "Le lapin a la provencale", she shouted with pride, and everyone added a "mmm" of satisfaction. We had to catch the rabbit first, which was a good exercise "pour nous mettre en appetit", as Alberta's mother sayed. In fact, the rabbit escaped. Alberta's mother bursted into sobs for hours, while the relatives went to Mac Donald's.