jeudi, août 12, 2004

this morning sent easy toog for beginners to 9 french speaking african radios thanks to an export office called francodiff (togo, burkina faso, mali, senegal, cameroun, gabon, niger...). they already play some songs on RFI, an international french radio who did a toog interview the last year.

yesterday evening with digiki listening to music till 1am before his departure emmanuel marre was there he did interviews of people who suffer from addiction (alcohol, drug, porn). i asked him what's the movie he couldn't live without filming it he sayed a scene in which a grandma's in a hospital and a kid plays with the button and makes the bed rise and fall.

never wrote a playlist before, here are some songs/album i love.

nerd chariot of fire
goblin suspiria
o. lamm hello spiral
hypo random veneziano
the magnetic fields i wish i had an evil twin
ing au-dessus de la grande ville
ing champignons magiques
momus and anne laplantine summerisle
chloe delaume and dorine muraille (france culture musical piece)