lundi, décembre 09, 2013

In the year 1974, my father Francis and his associate Jacques decided to extend their real estate business and start a sport car franchise. They contacted Alfa Romeo, since you couldn't buy these cars in the south of Alsace at this time. A few months after the Alfa Romeo launch, they added the Porsche franchise. It was possible for Francis to use the new cars; they were then sold a bit cheaper as "voiture de direction". When I was a kid, we had the most beautiful sport cars, the Porsche Carrera, the Alfa Romeo Montreal, without owning them. I had an experience the kids at school didn't have : the huge acceleration of the Porsche Carrera, sticking your body on your seat, blocking your breath. They could see me in a new one every week, and thought we were extremeley wealthy. My father's favorite was the Alfa Romeo GT 2000. He said that this is the most dangerous car ; the only time he could have lost life occured while driving the small GT 2000, because it didn't hold the road (elle ne tient pas la route). But it was our favorite model, probably because of the combination of sound / shape / power. This car recalls me the summer of 1974, when Francis suddenly decided to take my elder brother and me to the Côte d'Azur, driving at an extremey fast pace. The Alfa Romeo GT 2000 is still my favorite car. I'm always happy when I see one, even if it's also Pier Paolo Pasolini's last car.