lundi, mai 20, 2013

We stayed a few days at our friends François and Sophie new home in the Drôme region. The landscape is gorgious near St Ferreol Trente Pas, especially in the rainy weather. You feel like being in China. Birds are singing at night. Our bird (his name is Petit Monsieur but you can call him Monsieur) was surprised and couldn't compete with the wild singers.

It was the first time in my life that I clearly understood and saw that many people create personal solutions for a global situation. They grow fruits, vegetables, breed truits, bees, cattle, cook bread for their neighbours, pottery, invent and commercialize processes resulting in soaps, cosmetics, while living far from the hippie style, in the now world. They are not criticizing. They do the revolution with honey. They are not against like so many emasculate revolutionaires from the big cities, they are for. This makes a big difference. They keep and maintain her faith in nature, which is for me, the hello sign of the Verb. 

Yesterday was a strange day, starting in the China mountains, ending in a trendy Parisian club called the Silencio, designed by David Lynch. Asia Argento was launching « Total Entropy », her debut album (NUUN RECORDS) which gathers some of her musical collaborations : Hector Zazou (†), Archigram, Antipop, The Legendary Tiger Man, Munk, Morgan (ex-Bluvertigo), Tim Burgess, Anton Newcombe, Brian Molko… and also me. We played together a little gig on the stage floor, reading the poetry of Apollinaire, my, her poetry (the beautiful lyrics on my song « Ugly Ducklings »). The whole evening was an experience of total entropy. Wikipedia : « Entropy has often been loosely associated with the amount of order, disorder and/or chaos in a thermodynamic system. The traditional qualitative description of entropy is that it refers to changes in the status quo of the system and is a measure of "molecular disorder" and the amount of wasted energy in a dynamical energy transformation from one state or form to another. » Asia is one of my favorite artists, totally devoted to art and a really profound music lover. She's a beautiful woman with an amazing voice, very ambigüous. I'm lucky to have made « Lou étendue » with her and Antonin Gaultier / Digiki, who had his birthday that very (yester)day.