lundi, mai 27, 2013

A S I A  A R G E N T O / T O T A L  E N T R O P Y
N U U N R E C O R D S ( 05 / 29 / 2013 )

1. Ours (with Tim Burgess)
2. Ugly ducklings (with Toog)
3. Double jeu (with Hector Zazou)
4. Life ain't enough for you (with The Legendary Tigerman)
5. Je t'aime, moi non plus (with Tikovol and Brian Molko)
6. Cheeseandeggs (with Morgan)
7. A radical bravery (with Fortuna)
8. Someone (with Archigram)
9. Sexodrome (with Morgan)
10. Vampy (with Antipop)
11. Indifference (with Morgan)
12. Come (with
13. Live Fast! Die Old! (with Munk)
14. My stomach is the most violent of all in Italy (with The Legendary Tigerman)
15. Liebestod (with Morgan)
16. Le Sacre du printemps (with Anton Newcombe) 

We did a short set with Asia at club Silencio for the release party :

1. Les 9 portes
2. Rien n'est comparable (new song)
3. What did you say (from my album Goto, brand new version)
4. Ugly ducklings

Morgan was there, The Legendary Tigerman, Antipop, Archigram. Asia & Morgan cooked the silence after the shows.