mardi, novembre 27, 2012

My brother Julien said that we (he, Florence and I) made 3 different trips in Israël the last year, while traveling together. His travel was political; his best moment happened when we got lost in a Palestinian area in Jerusalem (Al Azariah, village of Lazarus, Martha & Maria), our road being cut by the wall. Florence's one was an artist travel with pen and notebook. Mine was a pilgrimage. I wanted to see what Christ saw and feel the influence between landscape & faith.

The gospels doesn't talk a lot about Nazareth, the city where Christ lived about 30 years: a very steep town where walking is tiring; so what about working as a carpenter/builder B.C. (before cars)? From the top of Nazareth, you see the Mediterranean see on the west; the Horeb and the mounts of Liban on the north; the Jordan desert on the West; on the south you see the mount in range that leads to Jerusalem: a panoramic view that includes the past and the future. There is nothing written about the contrast between the visually rude Nazareth and the incredible softness of lake Kinnereth, where Christ went to make his first disciples and live with them. Christ's debut is a movement from a certain harshness of the landscape to a very subtile and delicate one. It's also there that he meets the disciples after the resurrection: “Meet Me in Galilee”. Not in the desert or in the steep slopes of Nazareth; on the shore of lake Kinnereth, where life is sweet.