jeudi, novembre 22, 2012

Erik Satie was coming back home by walk after playing the piano at Auberge du Clou (30 avenue Trudaine). It was a long walk since he was living in Arcueil in the southern suburbs. Google maps says that Auberge du Clou, Paris to his house (34 Rue Cauchy, Arcueil) is 9,5 km, a 2 hours 3 min walk. If you have time, I recommand this google walk* from his house to Montmartre. Then if you come to Paris, you can do the return in real. Les grands artistes sont de grands marcheurs: Werner Herzog tells his student at the Rogue Film School that if they want to become great filmmakers, they have to make at least a 5000 km walk. The also need to shut down the screen and read, read, read. Erik Satie would be happy today because the horrible scar of the A6B highway next to his house has been covered.

* If you prefer to walk in mother N, I recommand Forêt de l'Avant-Garde in the Lorraine region.