jeudi, septembre 13, 2012

Le Corbusier was having a global and generous proposal for improving people's life in the big cities. People: this is the problem. He doesn't belong himself to the people, to the masses. He's imagining new living ways for the people, he's constructing for them, without being one of them. He's the only man who's keeping his self alive in this massive self disparition. This is why Flo, while admiring Le Corbusier as I do (La Chapelle de Ronchamp is absolutely gorgeous), shouted in his Firminy stadium a beautiful and unpremedited « Les gens sont des cons! ». This is what we really are for all the architects who invented people's housing for a desindividuation era. The masses are grouped in colossal buildings. Privileged people are not grouped: they keep the self. The poors lose the self but they get the green, the view and the sun in return. Emile Aillaud in France, had the same objectives. He made incredible buildings, but many of these ideal creations « for the people » have become nightmares.