dimanche, avril 15, 2012

As I was waiting for Thorsten Lütz, the director of my record label Karaoke Kalk, the best record label in the world, as not everybody knows but soon will, on a sunny morning, two weeks ago, in a washed up and clean air, due to a smooth & vivid wind, spirits high, a young female photographer approached me, put me in front of a white paper, the total sun replacing batteries and artificial lights, took some shots of me for an art project, portraits of regular people waiting around a train station, she had to spend a lot of time explaining her project, talking about a notion which isn't clear for most of the people, art is not entertainment, what a construction, I should go back to the never attended English classroom, all the time in the cafe. Here is one of these pictures, where I can recognize myself. And here is the photographer's website, where you will see a French artist you know.