mercredi, février 15, 2012

"Just Kids" by Patti Smith; as she said on a TV show, she really offered a movie to the reader, and such a beautiful one. The word freedom has a true meaning in this story; the quest of a personal one. There are as many freedoms as there are human beings. Some have a better access to their freedom than others; it is due to political conditions, psychological weapons, chance… I briefly said hello to Patti Smith after a music & poetry performance at the Pompidou. My friend Julia, who was a journalist, took me backstage. She is important for me. She is rather rock than pop. If pop is about seduction, rock is about rebellion. Rebellion is where the New can come from. It never comes from seduction. « I make all things New », Christ said and did… So why talking about Patti Smith? Because of haircut. One of the key moments of her life was when she decided to cut hair in 71. The gentle hippie girl turned into a wild and poisonous flower, after having succeeded in making herself a Keith Richard's haircut. The impact on her friends was huge; she started her public life right after… Haircut: at the age of 14, I decided to cut the hair I had to keep long since I was a kid. It changed my life, I become the young man I aspired to, with a distinct sex.