jeudi, septembre 08, 2011

Toog @ Phono Festival (Odense, Denmark)
16th september, 19H30

It's been years that I try to create a live setlist that would work as good as the ones I used when we travelled the world with my famous friend Momus. It is hard to propose something slow and calm; most of the people want to be entertained by beats. I guess that choosing slowness and silence is more risky than performing with an overwhelming amount of sounds and beats. Silence is the new punk.


Les 9 portes (« Lou étendue », 2004)
Are Visages Electric (« Goto », 2004)
Cyclopé- haine (« 6633 », 2004)
Mon idéal (« 6633 », 1999)
La Chambre noire (« Goto », 2010)
Linge (unreleased track)
Le Genou des choses (« Ergroun », 1996)
Traffic jam (« Goto », 2010)
Le Petit jardin bio (unreleased track)
Le Jugement (« 6633 », 199)
The Dark side of le rire (unreleased track)