lundi, septembre 12, 2011

Today I was thinking about la majorité silencieuse, silent majority. Suddenly I realized that someone, some day, in some article or speech, in some conversation somewhere in the world, in some language, said la majorité silencieuse for the first time. This person is the Adam of silent majority, the genuine possessor of the expression. We don't know who he is and when it was… What if an advanced system would protect and secure our language inventions as soon as we do create them, so that every future user would have to pay us something for using it? Every human being would carry a chip in the palate that would list, minute after minute, the protected expressions we use while referencing and protecting the expressions we create in the process of speaking. An author society would collect, protect in real time the expressions, and edit the bills. Someone in China would pay a fee for using something I said to my boulanger. I would pay someone in Siberia for having said something about the wind that is familiar in the Taïga. What the talkers would shortly realize is that the poors get the huge bills, as usual. Having no job, they have more time for inventing language, whereas jobbers invention of language is worthless in a standardized world. So little by little, the poor would stop talking, being unable to pay their borrowings. Only the rich would talk without counting, with their impoverished lexicon.