dimanche, septembre 11, 2011

On 11th september 2001, I was rehearsing my songs rue des martyrs in Paris for the CMJ Music Marathon in New York (09/13), a great event scattered in many clubs. Ours was Fez, where our label manager, Matthew Jacobson, always organized a wonderful evening, full of concerts, friends and happiness. 2001 was my third participation. At the same time in Paris, I met Asia Argento, who told me about Apollinaire's poems to Lou, written during WWI. This is how I proposed her to make a record with me, in which terrorism, love and modern life would be associated. « Lou Etendue » (Karaoke Kalk, 2004) was mainly produced by Antonin Gaultier (Digiki). It is very dramatic, almost frightening, a strange and dark beauty emerges from the waves of temporary sound and voices. It is a strange coincidence that the 10th anniversary coincides for me with the publication of « Noël Jivaro » (cover to the right): a serie of 24 poems called « Low Frequency Oscillator », written in Paris and New York right after the attack, closes the book.