dimanche, septembre 18, 2011

Doing a set at the Phono Festival in Odensee, Denmark, was really enjoyable. First of all, because I met a lot of people, stumbling across Joe Howe (Ben Butler & Mousepad), who I briefly met the last year in Berlin. Joe and his living drum machine Bastian Hagedorn gave such a great, inventive and powerful concert. The other surprise of the day was Debmaster, the French super genius moustachu who's living in Berlin and sometimes crosses countries by bike with his girlfriend. I was the man who had to « essuyer les plâtres » (start) at 7:30 pm. My new setlist did work well, mostly. Maybe I was a bit too long with slow piano tracks, I don't know, but people seemed to like the strange mixture I prepared: French poetry from my book on sounds, naked piano played with clothes, old tunes revitalized, 60 BPM heavy dark songs, comptines electro from the mid-nineties. That was an experimental set for me and I had a lot of fun doing it. I also had a choir of dancing mosquitoes on stage. The venue, an old abandonned and beautiful red bricks slaughter house, has become the home of these numerous nano-butchers, and we are the meat. Great time, great atmosphere, thanks to the volunteers, the promoters, the public.