samedi, juillet 09, 2011

It was funny, to see how, 35 years later, so many people left the cinema room, as if we were in 1975, as if the porno people from 1975 could not accept the terms of Marguerite Duras contract, a contract that's still difficult to assume, probably much more today, even if Marguerite has become a « brand », as solid artists become brands, and some people come because of the smell of brand, not because of the smell of art. Yes, it's difficult to keep the eyes open, to not fall asleep, to not feel overwhelmed by boredom, flattened by slowness, nothingness, but it is precisely because of these features that it is a very special piece of art. The people who left the room are from the beat era, Marguerite is from an other world, an other pace.