vendredi, juin 17, 2011

This book is great. You should definitely read it, it's funny and intelligent. It's the best seller of my publisher, sold out. The book is based on small sequences about Cage's life and it is focused on the year 1935, as he was still searching for himself. He's having a hole in his head. At the end of the book, Cage disappears in a truck with Merce, he leaves his wife and son in New York and goes to California. The narrative sequences are separated by short propositions of performances, in which Cage becomes a character doing ordonated gestures.

Thomas Bernhard's book is depressing, but also very interesting. It's about the piano, how having learned piano with Glenn Gould when he was in Salzburg, in the early 50's, destroyed the narrator and his best friend's ambition, due to his dominating genius. I especially like the fact that Glenn achieved his goal by « becoming » the piano himself. Like in my script called « The prepared piano », the hero becomes the piano too.