samedi, mars 19, 2011

Today I went to see a French movie from 1990 by F.J. Ossang: « Le trésor des îles Chiennes ». I met one time with the man, when we were preparing the first issue of « Minimum Rock'n Roll », a litterature magazine with a couleur rock. Ossang shot in 1997 a feature film with Joe Strummer called « Docteur Chance ». He's having a new movie out: ‪« Dharma Guns‬ ».

The movie I saw today was a beautiful b/w sci-fi movie. Having been involved in the French punk scene, there's something remaining in Ossang's atmosphere from the time when music turned dark (end of 70's); he was also influenced by expressionism. But my big surprise was about the story itself: radiations in an island, danger coming from a fission: the movie functions like a countdown.

Maybe this is the appropriate time to see again « Stalker » from Tarkovski. Or to go outside and enjoy spring. Spring made a short visit in Paris 2 days ago, but flew away. It's also the time to visit the architect Shigeru Ban's website or the Japanese red cross. In Paris, there is a Candle Night tomorrow.