samedi, janvier 01, 2011

Two marvelous pieces of art for the new year. One is called « Max mon amour », a French film by Nagisa Oshima (1985), in which Charlotte Rampling has a love affair with a chimp. Very Bunuel, which is normal: the script was written by Jean-Claude Carrière. I saw Carrière several times when I lived rue des Martyrs, because his home is an ancient brothel in the same street.

The other one is a book: I eventually found myself able to read Flaubert's « Bouvard & Pécuchet » (1880). My first attempt was about 20 years ago. This is an amazing book, so actual and incredibly funny. Flaubert could see the zapping civilisation from the XIXth century, portraying two very and over-curious gentlemen. My family name, Weinzaepflen (little wine cork), also sounds a little bit like « zap » something; I'm a little bit B&P myself, like everyone is.

« Many authors leave behind unfinished works when they die. Far fewer leave behind unfinished works that can be considered masterpieces. Gustave Flaubert’s last unfinished novel Bouvard and Pecuchet is without question his masterpiece, even in its unfinished state, towering above the more famous, but less enjoyable, Madame Bovary. »

Happy new year for everyone in this tiny « réseau de connivence ».