samedi, décembre 04, 2010

This morning I was listening to a little project I recorded with Kumisolo years ago. 11 kawaï and cute never released pop songs. We called it "Justice sauvage". I was surprised how lovely it does sound. In the track 3, I didn't tell Kumisolo that "Con" means "Pussy" in French, so she was like France Gall singing "Les Sucettes à l'anis", a Gainsbourg song about fellatio hidden behind a naïve meaning. I will put one of the song on Toog's myspace, track 9.

1. Johann
2. Alphabet soup
3. Le Con japonais
4. Donne-moi la main
5. La Tour de Pise
6. Lady of the rings
7. Je t'aime
8. Vivian girl
9. Les Bandits de grand chemin
10. Petit bateau
11. Les Beaux draps