mercredi, décembre 08, 2010

" GOTO " from Gilles Weinzaepflen.

Today, I have decided to share“ Goto ". " Goto " is a filmed diary shot in the USA (2006). It was supposed to come out with Toog's " Goto " record on Karaoke Kalk (may 2010), but it wasn't possible.
" Goto " is an eleven days trip, prepared like a script: interviewing artists, visiting incredible places on purpose (Prada Marfa, the Congress "bats" bridge in Austin, etc…), or discovering remarquable spots by chance, like this abandonned military base in Wendover, Utah.
Thanks to all friends, people and artists filmed and interviewed; thanks to Tapestore for the wonderful music at the end, to Momus and others.
" Goto " will be online until the end of january (it's a paying service). Hope you will enjoy this 69 minutes long journey.