jeudi, juillet 22, 2010

Toog Salon des Amateurs Dusseldorf 14.07.10

A picture taken by Dietmar Nass at "Salon des Amateurs", july 14th. This was a very special moment, thanks to Detlef Weinrich - Tolouse Low Trax - who organized my coming to Düsseldorf. He also organised the Helpinspill piano, a very rare and collector one. It was broken, but this is Düsseldorf magic: within an hour, two people showed up and fixed it. Before the show, I visited downtown Düsseldorf but didn't have time to see the Rhein river (we spell it Rhin in France). But I visited the Hans-Peter Feldmann exhibition at the Kunsthalle, the "Salon des amateurs" being part of this modern building. In the other Kunsthalle house, I went to see the many Paul Klee paintings. Detlef took me to a tiny restaurant behind the Kunsthalle where a single chef, doing also the service, served us delicious maritime food.
Around 11:30 pm, Stephan Schneider from To Rococo rot came to see my documentary about JJ Perrey and he also stayed for my show, where I mixed piano tunes, pre-programmed songs, reading and talking about different subjects, like Werner Herzog. Detlef told me that he doesn't like Herzog, who's always whining. Yes, it's true that he's having this Radiohead side, but it's more like acting. He's inclined to complain in a Herzog mode, which is not miserable but ambigüous.
After the show, we talked about the Crepuscule label. Detlef and some friends made an exhibition in Köln about this legendary label. In 2000, I signed a publishing contract with them. This is how we could make the music video "Mon Pantalon blanc". But that wasn't the real Crepuscule anymore, which had its heure de gloire in the early eighties, when they created a pop and intellectual aura, from Brüssels to the world.