samedi, juillet 03, 2010

Monroe Jesus

In my last post I spoke like an American born again. In fact, I am. In 1986, it was through the American evangelism that I came back to the Christian faith. Finding a tiny blue Mormon gospel in the street near my house in Bastille, I red it and believed that it was all true. A few weeks later, I attended my first Christian meeting with the father of a friend. He was part of the French branch of an American movement, called the « Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International » (FGBMFI). I also went with him to different churches. One of them was a « Pentecostal Holiness Church » (PHC), an other American church. It was spectacular, so theatralised. I remember it was in an ancient cinema in Boulogne, near Paris. Cinema?

Lightning Strikes Jesus Statue

Then, I met a man who brought me back to my Catholic roots. The priest who I met through him, Etienne Gaujour, was a very intelligent and kind man. I started to study the gospel with young people like me in his own appartment. At that time, I was talking about Jesus to everybody, trying to convert everyone, even my customers. I worked as a real estate representative; one of my two bosses started to call me Jesus-Christ. But the priest, seeing how confused I was, convinced me to start a psychanalysis, which I did. You see the result: I talk about my faith, again.

Lightning Strikes Jesus Statue

Later on, I moved away from the Catholic church for many years. Even if I shared the faith, I couldn't stand the fixed ritual, the lack of avant-garde: how could I sing those silly melodies and dull lyrics? How could I sit and stand, stand and sit, over and over? How could I answer immutable answers? Recently, a Muslim friend told me that I cannot say that I'm still a Catholic if I don't go to the church. So I decided to go back! The ritual won't change anyway. The funny thing is that my brother Julien told me that the church where I go now is the one where the priest Etienne Gaujour ended his life. The other funny thing is that eventually, I found the avant-garde I was in search for: in the neighbourhood where we live, there are two mosquees and several synagogues. We are preparing a meeting with the Jews and the Muslims within the church on 11th november; a bank holiday. The imam who proposed the date said: it's a good one, a peaceful one (end of WWI).

(This incredible statue was in Monroe, Ohio. The lightning burned it down on 15th june 2010. It was called Big Butter Jesus, because of it's colour).)