dimanche, mai 30, 2010

Jean-Marie Gleize

Lyon: end of Jean-Marie Gleize's 10 years presidency at the Centre d'Etudes Poétiques (Center for Poetic Studies): a great two days experience, a poetic orgy. We saw incredible films made by poets (especially the ones made by Eric Pellet/JM Gleize; the one made by Jacques Henri Michot; the Nathalie Quintane/Stéphane Bérard saynètes). I was impressed by the possibilities of combining a poetic text + images. We listened to many poets readings or paying hommage to Jean-Marie Gleize's generosity & devotion to poetry. I red poems published in his poetry magazine Nioques (it was also the 20th anniversary of it). I could hear the public laugh when I red "Sottie for Pierre Boulez" (French composer) that starts with these words: "Pierre Boulez bought ham. 4 slices…" We had a performance of Sylvain Courtoux, a poet who made a rock opera about the life of a poet-loser.

je lis

It was also a filming day: I shot a sequence about the Center for my documentary about contemporary poetry in France. My favorite shot is a young student called Juliette, hanging coloured tee-shirts on shutters in the sun, in the student house. All the event was made possible by poets like Noura Wedell, who's working at the Center. I met Noura in 2000 after a show in Brooklyn with Momus & Phiiliip; this is how music & poetry meet.

The same day 28th may is "Goto" release date. This is why, after my reading, I proposed to make a short concert d'écoute (a suggestion of poet Dorothée Volut), where you play the album to the audience, without playing or singing... 10 years ago, thinking of this album (I'm a title man, titles come first), I wanted to make Toog "Goto Togo". I started to learn a Togo dialect called Ewe with a Togolese man. Eventually, "Goto Togo" became "Goto"... The first articles about "Goto" are published in Austria & Germany; Rai radio in Italia plays "Goto"! And France is asleep.

toog goto cover